Course on Scientific Writing

A series of video lectures on scientific writing

Why should you bother learning how to write well?

It’ll help you communicate your research to your peers and to a wider audience.

It’ll increase your chances of getting published in top-tier journals.

It’ll set you apart in a competitive job market.

It’ll make you a better researcher by helping you:

  • organize and synthesize your ideas
  • identify gaps in your knowledge, and
  • think critically about the implications and limitations of your work.

And finally, you’ll enjoy it more!

Ready to get started?

Then join me for this series of short videos, where I’ll walk you through the steps of writing a scientific paper from start to finish.

The book

The course is based on Joshua Schimel’s outstanding book:Writing Science: How to Write Papers That Get Cited and Proposals That Get Funded. If you enjoyed the content of this course, and you want more, I suggest checking out the book.

Part 1: Story Structure

Part 2: OCAR (Opening | Challenge | Action | Resolution)

Part 3: The Opening

Part 4: The Funnel and Challenge

Part 5: The Action (Methods/Theory)

Part 6: The Action cont. (Results)

Part 7: The Resolution

Part 8: Internal Structure (paragraphs)

Part 9: Internal Structure cont. (sentences)

Part 10: Flow

Part 11: Words

Part 12: Energized Writing

Part 13: Condensing

Part 14: Putting it all together

Coming soon!

Bonus Part: Equations

Coming soon!