Careers in Quantum

A curated list of resources to help you build your career in quantum tech.

Talks (careers & advice)

Talks (quantum ecosystem & quantum workforce)

  • Join the Quantum Revolution!: Araceli Venegas-Gomez (founder of QURECA) provides her view of the quantum ecosystem, and shares her experience contributing to the public and business awareness of physics and quantum technologies, providing a bridge between research and industry (4 Aug, 2020).
  • Virtual Panel Discussion: How to Build a Quantum Workforce: IBM Reserach brings together leaders from IBM, NYU and Howard University to discuss how educators are working to address the talent shortage in one of the fastest-growing STEM fields: quantum computing (30 Jul, 2020) [1].
  • How Your Company can Leverage Australia’s Rich Quantum Legacy: Jessica Richman, Director Investment at The Australian Trade and Investment Commission, describes the quantum landscape in Australia, and mentions accelerated visa program for people with quantum background (29 Jul, 2020).
  • Quantum London Podcast: Vincent Yam from Tekna Search talks about finding talent for quantum computing startups (29 Jul, 2020).
  • How to Recruit in AI & Quantum Computing: Charlie Tiplady from Tekna Search talks about searching for tech talent in these new times, as well as the specific fields of AI & Quantum Computing (29 Jul, 2020).
  • Investing in quantum computing: Cristina Escoda, President, COO & Co-Founder of ORCA Computing, discusses quantum startups from the investor’s perspective (28 Jul, 2020).
  • Mentorship in the Quantum Community: Amira Abbas from IBM Research Zurich and and Hannah Sim from Harvard Univeristy discuss the importance of mentors and how to welcome all to the quantum community (24 Jul, 2020).
  • Preparing for the Quantum Revolution - What is the Role of Higher Education?: Michael Fox presents the results of a qualitative study of the quantum industry, where they conducted a series of interviews with 21 U.S. companies in the quantum industry (14 Jul, 2020) [1].
  • IBM Roundtable: Accelerating the Journey to Quantum App Development: Discussing the need for intuitive application development tools, when quantum advantage might arrive and what it will look like when it does (9 Jul, 2020) [1].
  • A Tour Through the Quantum Ecosystem: Doug Finke from the Quantum Computing Report describes the various organizations working on quantum technology and how they work together to provide a complete solution (28 Jun, 2020).

Articles (careers & advice)

Articles (quantum ecosystem & quantum workforce)


Job boards

Educational resources (free)

Professional certificates (paid)

  • IBM Quantum Developer Certificate: The certificate will help those hiring for classical programming and non-programming roles recognize holders of this certification as forward-thinking individuals willing to skill up for the future of the computing workforce [13] 
  • Quantum for everyone: An online course designed by QURECA’s experts for non-specialists, will help you understand quantum technologies and spot opportunities to apply quantum technologies to problems in your own organization.
  • Certificate Program in Quantum Science and Engineering: Professional development program from the Univeristy of Chicago.
  • Quantum Computing Fundamentals: Understand quantum computing and how it will transform business in this two-course online program from MIT.


  • QWorld QIntern: Summer internship program of the QWorld Association, hosted by the QResearch Department [14]. 
  • IBM Quantum Internship: Summer internship opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students. 

Summer schools & academies

Note: some of these have already happened, but I chose to keep the links here so you can search to see if the next round is open. 

  • QWorld Quantum Summer School: 2-week workshop seriesaimed at high school students, university and graduate students, researchers, professors, and industrial people interested in their development towards quantum computing and quantum programming [14]. 
  • Quantum Future Academy: A joint effort between Germany and France with the goal of introducing students in Germany to the future potentials offered by quantum technologies. 
  • Quantum Computing Summer School Fellowship: Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Information Science and Technology Institute (ISTI).
  • Qiskit Global Summer School: A two-week intensive summer school designed to empower the next generation of quantum developers and scientists with the knowledge to explore quantum applications on their own.
  • Quantum Cryptography School for Young Students: A nine-day enrichment program for high school students offering a blend of expert lectures, hands-on experiments, and social and networking activities (IQC/UWaterloo).
  • Quantum Key Distribution Summer School: A nine-day enrichment program for high school students offering a blend of expert lectures, hands-on experiments, and social and networking activities (IQC/UWaterloo).
  • Undergraduate School on Experimental Quantum Information Processing: A two-week program on the theoretical and experimental study of quantum information aimed primarily at students one year away from completing their undergraduate studies (IQC/UWaterloo).
  • The Quantum Computing Academy: A unique, enrichment program designed for students who excel in their regular school studies in science, mathematics, or computers (Harrisburg University, USA) [5].
  • Quantum Computing Summer School: An immersive 10-week curriculum that includes tutorials from world-leading experts in quantum computation as well as one-on-one mentoring from LANL staff scientists (Los Alamos National Laboratory: Information Science and Technology Institute, USA) [6].
  • Quantum Tech Summer School: Aimed at undergraduates with a background in engineering and computer science, the summer school provides a comprehensive introduction to the exciting field of Quantum Technologies, including quantum computing and quantum communication (University College London,UK) [6].
  • ML4Q Undergraduate Research Internship Program: Aims to raise the interest of talented students in the quantum technologies research and gives an opportunity of hands-on experience in scientific work and an overview of the research performed in the cluster (Germany) [12].
  • Wallenberg Center for Quantum Computing Summer School: Internationally renowned speakers who will lecture on different aspects of Quantum Technology (Sweden) [12].
  • Summer School on Quantum Information and Quantum Technology: Leisurely workshop and special sessions (India) [12].

Specialty undergraduate degrees

Specialty graduate degrees

Doctoral training centres and academies

  • Careers in Quantum 2021: A combination of talks and panel discussions from industrial and academic experts to give an idea of what a quantum career might look like (3-4 June 2021).

Networking, Mentorship & Community

  • r/quantumcomputing: Quantum computing subreddit.
  • OneQuantum Women in Quantum Chapter: Collaborate and have fun with fellow female quantum academics, students, entrepreneurs, investors and government representatives.
  • OneQuantum Startup Chapter: Collaborate and have fun with fellow quantum entrepreneurs from around the world, and themed discussion forums, as well as sponsored hubs by large vendors and other quantum stakeholders.
  • PushQuantum: A community of scientists, entrepreneurs and industry experts driven by the belief that exploring quantum computing is the most important and consequential opportunity of this century [1].
  • QOSF Quantum computing mentorship program: Connecting quantum enthusiasts with mentors from academia & industry.
  • Qworld: Aiming to have an open access and public global ecosystem for quantum technologies and quantum software by the year 2025 so that each interested hardworking individual, group, institute, or region can be easily part of the ecosystem.
  • Quantum Industry Coalition: Providing industry with a unified voice with which to educate Congress and the Administration (in the USA) about the importance of quantum research and development and to advocate for United States quantum leadership and a National Quantum Initiative.
  • Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C): The mission of QED-C is to enable and grow a robust commercial quantum-based industry and associated supply chain in the United States.
  • Quantum Computing India: A community of tech, science, policy and art professionals interested in everything around Quantum Computing in India [9].
  • IndiQ Meetups: Quantum Computing Community across India [9].
  • Full-Stack Quantum Computation: Community-driven, open-source education resources.
  • Quantum Computing Mentorship Program: Connecting quantum enthusiasts with mentors from academia & industry.

Recruitment companies

  • Tekna Search: Recruiting for quantum computing and AI companies
  • QURECA: Quantum Resources & Careers


  • Unitary Fund: A non-profit working to create a quantum technology ecosystem that benefits the most people. Includes a microgrant program to fund explorers across the world to work on quantum technologies.
  • Quantonation: An investor dedicated to Deep Physics startups with a focus on the emerging and disruptive field of Quantum Technologies [3].
  • Investment Accelerator in Quantum Technologies: The accelerator will be open for applications until either the 31st May 2022 or until the available funding is exhausted, during which time projects can seek matched funding up to £1m from the grant scheme.

Startup support

  • Million Dollar International Quantum U Tech Accelerator: On 1-3 September 2020, Innovare invites the global academic quantum information science community to connect and compete in the Million Dollar International Quantum U Tech Accelerator, where the world’s top university teams will pitch their projects in quantum timing, sensing, communications and computing that serve to advance this critical area of research.
  • Creative Destruction Lab Quantum Stream: Bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, leading scientists in quantum technologies, and quantum hardware vendors to build ventures in the nascent domain of quantum computing, machine learning, optimization, sensing and other applications of quantum technologies.
  • Quantum Valley Ideas Lab: Bridging the gap between academic labs and industry to accelerate the research and development of the most promising quantum technologies as the basis for exciting new products and businesses in Canada.
  • Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre: A key part of the UK’s National Quantum Technnology Programme and a world-leading incubator for innovators for quantum inspired technologies (Bristol, UK) [3].

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